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Raising the Bar

A single system to run the Keystone Groups entire collection of venue sites. MAXCO and Wranglers teamed up to deliver a custom solution.

Keystone Group has quickly growing online presence. It’s no small task to run two corporate sites and ten venue sites. Working closely with the guys over at MAXCO, things will only be going up.

So the challange was to get things in order. Deliver all websites from a single system, share information across the sites in a controlled manner and make sure it’s all available for mobiles.

Running on Reditype, the main site is easy to navigate and has been nicely customized with some unique administration tools. With a knowing nod to all the smartphone users, the site is also 100% mobile friendly and reformats itself into phone-screen dimensions on the fly—a nice touch when you’re bar hopping and using your phone to find out where the action is.

With the primary corporate site launched, we’ll now be focussing on the helping the team over at MAXCO and the Keystone team rollout the venue sites. More information to come.

Posted: January 16, 2012 11:01 AM by Richard Young | Tagged with: keystone group mobile template reditype